About NordyWay

After decades of collaborating with organizations all over the world, RSi—recognized worldwide as the premier authority on meaningful employee and customer experience—has designed processes that guide companies of all kinds to create their own values-driven cultures that deliver exemplary customer experiences and build lasting relationships.


This methodology takes the form of NordyWay™, which is based on the belief that your brand’s success is the product of profound human relationships forged with stakeholders both inside and outside your organization—i.e., employees, partners, vendors, etc. NordyWay™-inspired organizations develop a clear picture and understanding of their employee experiences and how those experiences impact their internal culture. Once they are equipped with this straightforward knowledge and truth, organizations can make meaningful changes that ultimately impact their customers. Happy, loyal employees create happy, loyal customers.


While we cut our teeth with Fortune 500 companies, we have an appreciation and respect for small, entrepreneurial businesses. We integrate “mom & pop” thinking into corporate organizations. RSi consults and advises companies on how to treat their local community and customers with world-class service.


breAnne Reeves, co-founder and co-author, had a vision at a young age: She wanted to be the kind of person who demonstrated contagious generosity, compassion, and the ability to make just about anyone smile and feel important, both emotionally and rationally.

Fast forward a decade, breAnne’s passion to make others happy has evolved into a suite of strategies and a set of tools that help to guide leadership in organizations to empower their employees and to treat those employees as if they are in the Oprah audience.

Consulting and Advisory

We know what it takes to create a values-based culture. Values-driven cultures produce meaningful stakeholder experiences. Consequently, as thought-leaders, we provide the strategy and inspiration that are crucial in creating values-driven cultures.


We listen to our clients and are cognizant of their needs. From front-line employees to senior leadership to vendors and partners, everyone fills an important role. We believe that making a series of small, but significant, changes across your organization creates a quantum transformational leap.


We believe that there are ideal fits for our company. Through conversations, we ensure that there is alignment between us and prospective clients—before getting started.


As we begin our work, we take a comprehensive exploration of your company culture and customer experience to find out what you’re doing and where there are opportunities for improvement. We observe through the lens of your customers, vendors, partners, and employees. Together, we create a relationship-based culture with the power to deliver customer experiences that engender meaning, respect, trust, and loyalty toward your brand and your people.


From this work, we create a report of findings and recommendations. We then determine our next step, which is to help facilitate conversation and ideation around recommended initiatives.


Once we have a shared understanding of where your organization is, we help you design roadmaps to transformation. We meet with teams to discuss how to best coach groups and individuals within the company in order to explore opportunities that are identified in the report of findings and recommendations. We then conduct ideation workshops to discuss what’s possible. To help make the ideation process fun and fruitful, we access our NordyWay Idea Bank™, a repository of ideas for transforming company cultures and customer experiences. Several years in the making, the Idea Bank is a constantly growing source of great concepts from organizations of all types and sizes, as well as from our own.


Whatever the challenge, yours is not the first company to deal with it. Over the past twenty years, RSi has led ideation sessions and training classes with a wide array of companies all over the world, who have given us many rich insights into best practices, reporting tools, and other ways to nurture their culture and their customer experience. Few of the ideas were specific to their company; most can apply to your business.


Some of our 'best-seller' programs include:

NordyWay Keynote Engagements — Robert’s dynamic and engaging keynote program explains (in story form) the values and principles of the world-class customer service cultures he has written about in his books, including Amazon.com, Starbucks, and Nordstrom. This program sets the stage for creating, encouraging, and sustaining a superior customer service experience. We will customize our program(s) to the needs and goals of your organization. We are flexible with the length of our keynotes, workshops, trainings and curriculum.  Our goal is to support your customer service initiatives.


NordyWay Workshops — We offer customized training programs and workshops. Our interactive processes create a collaborative environment that extracts hidden wisdom while generating fresh, new approaches to customer service. Our goal is to help you identify existing and new opportunities, and to co-create strategies for cost efficient implementation. The ideas that are generated during our workshops are translated into reports for your organization. We design reports for your team to implement.


Pay Attention, Listen To Your People — Imagine that you know exactly how your employees feel. Imagine that you know why they were not producing. Imagine that you know what they wanted in order to be more proactive and kind to your customers. Imagine that your employees feel empowered to discuss their experience as a part of your organization. Imagine how you could enhance your employee experience based on that knowledge. We anonymously extract that information from your employees, partners and customers. With that information, we generate reports for owners, C-suite executives, senior leadership and management. Trust us, you will want to know what your people have to say.


Be Loyal, Create Loyalty — Imagine that your entire staff feels loyalty to you and your organization’s brand. Imagine that every employee in your culture feels rewarded for a job well done. Imagine that an organization can help you achieve those goals. Hence, NordyWay! We will inspire and support the development of your organizations path to loyalty.


Emotional Secret Shopping — What do your customers experience emotionally when they shop your stores or use your products? Are they excited? Are they frustrated? Don’t you want to know? What would do if you could get an accurate sense of what your customers actually feel, instead of receiving automated data that tells you what you already know? Our team knows how to sense good vibes. We will experience your business via phone, online and in person. We will then generate and present a report that will motivate you to create excellent employee and customer experiences.


Although we measure success in many ways, we know that the most important results are happy, loyal customers and increased sales.


We create client happiness by doing what we say we will do, setting expectations and exceeding them.


A few of our tools for measuring success are:


  • Employee happiness and engagement
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Becoming a desirable company to work for
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Partner/Vendor happiness and engagement
  • Engaged leadership
  • Increased sales


Like Nordstrom, we believe that everything we do, and every initiative we take, must be viewed from the perspective of our customers. If it’s not helping the customer, then it’s not customer service.










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