In business as well as in life, love wins. 

For any customer service or customer experience strategies to be truly effective, they must be based in love. To do this effectively requires a company to build a strong internal culture of mutual respect, trust, honesty and compassion, and, from that solid foundation, create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers based on those same values.

Robert Spector is recognized worldwide as the premier authority on customer service. He is the author of several books on the subject, including the international bestseller The Nordstrom Way and Amazon: Get Big Fast. Robert and his team guide companies of all kinds to create powerful, customer-focused company cultures that can deliver exemplary customer experiences and build lasting client relationships.

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“Robert’s entertaining and inspiring keynote presentation resonated with attendees at Starwood’s Leadership Conference.  We received many positive comments about his message of customer service and the importance of teamwork and collaboration.”
- Jennifer Bauchner, Director of Rooms and Sustainability
Starwood Hotels and Resorts

“Anyone running a company or working for a company can benefit by learning how and why Nordstrom provides its level of customer service. You do not need to be in the retail business to understand the value of customer service.  We are in the business of selling software, and I found your talk, informative, educational, comical, and inspiring. I highly recommend this talk for any company that has a customer.”
- Dan London, Vice President GXP
BAE Systems

“Your presentation on Nordstrom and how to instill the Nine Principles of Customer Service into our organization drew a tremendous response from the conference attendees.  The brainstorming session was clearly empowering for the managers, many of whom commented about their eagerness to share the outcomes with their teams.”
- Ron Carter, Senior Vice President
Charles Schwab Institutional

“We were honored to have Robert as a featured speaker at our J.D. Power and Associates-Wall Street Journal Leadership in Customer Service Roundtable in New York City. Robert’s enthusiastic presentation on Nordstrom, along with the insights he shared on the importance of satisfying customers, were most informative. Our audience enjoyed hearing his perspectives.”
- T.W. Shaver, Senior Partner
J.D. Power and Associates

“Robert Spector was a featured guest speaker for Infiniti’s 2011 Leadership Summit Tour.  His ideas for optimizing the customer experience struck a receptive chord with Infiniti retailers.”
- Barry Burris, Senior Manager
Infiniti Training


VIDEO: The Nordstrom Way: A New Edition for You.
The Nordstrom Way by Robert Spector